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Q:    Why can www.uspaintingsart.us provide high quality and low price products?
A:    www.uspaintingsart.us is specialized in the production of oil paintings, picture frames, and other art products and possesses more than 30 workshops with more than 900 employees. The monthly output is more than 200 pieces of Museum quality, 3000 pieces of high quality, and 5000 pieces of decent commercial quality. These make www.uspaintingsart.us more competitive comparing to the other manufactures. While guaranteeing the quality of products, www.uspaintingsart.us can offer you the best prices no matter how large are your orders.

Q:    Are there any discounts for the prices?
A:    Generally there is no discount because our original pricing is lower than other manufactures. However, if your order is in bulk quantity or place large quantity frequently, there is still some room for negotiation.

Q:    What are the criterions for us to make the price?
A:    Generally the price depends on the quality demand (please refer to our price list with regard to the quality). However, if customers request high quality, the price depends also on the complexity of the manuscripts. Price will be estimated for each painting.

Q:    What are the prices for new customers?
A:    For customers who place order for the first time, we will provide some preferential offers in order to show our sincerity in cooperation and to lay a good foundation for further cooperation in the future.

Q:    What are the prices for frequent orders?
A:    For customers who have become our long-term cooperators, we will still provide some preferential offers, based on their credits, to show our heartfelt thanks to your long-term supports.


Q:    What are the criterions of quality?
A:    There are four quality grades: museum quality, high quality, general quality, and commercial quality. Although this grading exists, we will consider the needs of customers more than just use this grading to serve us to make commercial profits. It is our believe that every piece of painting is an art product, and the value of an art product is more than what the price can measure. www.uspaintingsart.us has different workshops for production of different quality grades and different painting styles. www.uspaintingsart.us has a large group of skillful and experienced artists and professional oil painting quality control specialists. They will monitor every step and strictly control the quality of the oil painting production process.

Q:    Will our art products satisfy the tastes and needs of art collectors?
A:    The pieces in the special column are parts of the works by the outstanding artists of www.uspaintingsart.us. These pieces are at the highest quality grade, and every piece has an award reputation certificate of corresponding artist with it. When you order these pieces, www.uspaintingsart.us will provide a duplicate of the certificate with the painting. This is the advantage that www.uspaintingsart.us can beat all the other competitors. Many art works by our talent artists are their original pieces that were sold at high prices.
Some of them were sold in auctions for more than US$10,000. Some of them were collected in many well-known galleries and won many prizes in large-scale competition. Moreover, our artists can create custom original pieces according to the requests of customers. After received the concerns and needs from customers, our artists will draw sketches for customers to reach agreements. Then they will use their full potential and give the rein to their imagination to produce their pieces of perfection.

Q:    What kind of canvas do we use? Can we paint on wood board?
A:    www.uspaintingsart.us uses different kind of canvas including nylon texture, linen texture, and cotton texture of different quality grade for oil paintings. www.uspaintingsart.us can also use wood board. Uses of canvas texture and texture grade normally depend on the quality grades of oil paintings. But customers can make their own selections. If you have special needs of canvas texture, please specify it when you place your orders or inform www.uspaintingsart.us by email.

Q:    Can all the paintings be at different quality grades?
A:    Of course, www.uspaintingsart.us?s workshops are divided for different painting style and different quality grades. However, in view of professional artists, we do not agree that all the paintings can be at different quality grades, for example, making high quality oil paintings from the manuscripts that can only be used for commercial oil painting purpose would be inappropriate. So, when placing orders, please provide or select manuscripts with high resolution in order to prevent disagreement on quality grades.


Q:    Does www.uspaintingsart.us accept the way of payment: 50% down pay (or less than 50%), pay the rest 50% after receiving the goods?
A:    Yes. We hope we can build long-term and stable relationship with our customers. So, besides the excellent service to meet the needs of customers, we will make compromises in ways of payment to show our attitude and sincerity of cooperation. Especially for new customers, there will be no down pay for draw a design, and payment is due until they see the product and satisfy with the products.

Q:    What kinds of payment options we accept and what are the costs for these payment options?
A:    We accept 5 different methods of payment.
(1) Western Union Money Transfer
Recommended. This is the fastest and most convenient way of fund transfer. The transferred fund will arrive within 5---30 minutes. If the fund of your one-time transfer is more than US$1,000, we will pay half of the transfer fee for you.
(2) T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
Recommended. Funds will arrive within 2---7 days. The bank will charge US$15 from both sides. If the fund of your one-time transfer is more than US$1,000, we will pay the transfer fee for you.
(3) C/C (Credit Card)
If transferred from your bank account, funds will arrive after 2---7 days. The financial institution will charge the receiver a fee equivalent to certain percentage of total fund. You may also spend few minutes to transfer funds from website www.westernnnien.com or www.paypal.com . The bank will charge US$15 or more from both sides.
(4) L/C (Letter of Credit)
We can accept only for bulk orders. We have to go through complicate formalities, and the transfer takes 1---2 months.
(5) Bank Check
Not recommended. The transfer will take 35---60 days. So, we prefer the other options. But if the other options are inconvenient for you, we can manage. The bank will charge our side only.

Attention: Please double-check our bank account # and our other information when you fill out the payment paperwork. Thank you!

Q:    Does www.uspaintingsart.us have more manuscripts other than the pictures in the www.uspaintingsart.us website? Can www.uspaintingsart.us mail these extra manuscripts to its customers?
A:    www.uspaintingsart.us has more than 300,000 manuscripts of different themes and different styles. We chose about 10,000 of customers? favorites and upload them to the website. These 10,000 manuscripts normally will meet the needs of customers. However, for customers who order from a large number of manuscripts, we will provide more manuscripts for their reference to you with no charge.
(1) For new customers:
New customers can choose the manuscripts of their interest from www.uspaintingsart.us website and mail the manuscript codes to us. We will draw designs for you and send them to you. When you are satisfied with the sample, we will send the manuscripts of same kinds to you in CD to facilitate the future cooperation.
(2) For old customers:
We will mail you the manuscripts to you at your request. They will be delivered with the goods ordered.
(3) We solemnly declare that we reserve all the property right of products including the samples in the CDs. Production using these samples in the CDs without the authorization from us is illegal and belonged to piratical activities.

Q:    Can customers visit www.uspaintingsart.us and its factories? Can customers place an order at ease without visit www.uspaintingsart.us?
A:    We will warmly welcome your visits. We will show you all the departments of our factories and warehouse supply unit. We believe you will gain a lot. www.uspaintingsart.us was founded in 1997 and has abundant funds. We can provide photocopy of prove from the government or you can obtain this information in the Chinese official website.

Q:    How many artists and technicians does www.uspaintingsart.us have to serve the customers? How many pieces can they produce?
A:    www.uspaintingsart.us has a group of brilliant staff, including more than 700 painters, more than 90 artists, and more than 90 other members working in the administration, service, and sale sectors, and they are distributed in the 30 workshops/factories. There are also faculties of some art schools and alliance affiliated to www.uspaintingsart.us. The monthly output has been reached 200 pieces of Museum quality, 3000 pieces of high quality, and 5000 pieces of decent commercial quality. In this aspect, www.uspaintingsart.us is more competitive than the other manufactures.

Q:    How do we monitor qualities of products that customers ordered?
A:    Specialists in oil painting quality control of www.uspaintingsart.us will strictly monitor every step of oil painting production process to ensure the quality of each piece of painting. If customers want, we can take photos of painting process and the paintings themselves using high pixel digital camera, and send these photos to customers. We believe customers will trust us, and place orders at ease after cooperate for several times.

Q:    Can customers order custom oil paintings?
A:    Yes. Customers can send us model pictures of their own collection and requirements such as quality grade, dimension, canvas texture, etc. by email or by regular mails. Our artists will produce paintings according to the requirements.

Q:    What is the minimum quantity for one order?
A:    There is no minimum quantity limit for orders placed by customers who love art products and are personal art collectors. We are willing to provide service to them. However, the larger is an order the more the discount will be.

Q:    Can customers order paintings and frames, and have them fully installed and framed?
A:    www.uspaintingsart.us has its own picture frame production workshops. Customers can choose frame of their favor to match the paintings. Also, our specialists can help customers to choose frames to match the paintings.

Q:    Can customers order in bulk quantity right after samples are completed?
A:    We are willing to create stable long-term cooperation relationship with customers on base of mutual-trust and mutual-benefit. So, we will take every cooperation seriously and do our best to each order. After customer feel satisfied with samples, we will complete bulk quantity orders with quality equivalent to the samples or even with higher quality.

Q:    How to pace orders?
A:    Customers can send your manuscripts to us by email. Alternatively you can find the model pictures that you are interested in our website and send the codes of pictures, dimension, quantity, quality grade, and special requirements to us by email. We will estimate the total expends for merchandises and shipping in details based on your orders, shipping address, and other information, and send it to the customers. If the customers accept our pricing, we will start to produce them. If the customers have other suggestions, they can still negotiate with us by mail.
Q:    How will the paintings be delivered?
A:    (1) Customers can send their manuscripts to us by email, or they can choose the pictures they are interested from the list in our website www.www.uspaintingsart.us.com. and send the codes to us. We will send you the price list in detail to the customers. If the customers accept our prices, we will start to produce them right away. If the customers still have other suggestions, we can negociate further.

(2)For bulk orders, we usually suggest the customers use Sea Transportation to reduce shipping costs. Sea Transportation takes about 14---21 days and requires legal import/export entity?s permission approval, or the customers can entrust international trade entity to go through the custom procedures. Customers can use airfreight of China. The costs are lower than express mail and it takes about 3---7 days. Custom procedures are also necessary.

(3) Of course, customers can choose express mail such as EMS, UPS, etc, which are more convenient.
Guarantees and Promises

Q:    What are the guarantees to the products that customers purchased?
A:    www.uspaintingsart.us provides guarantees on quality, price, and payment.
(1) Quality guarantee
We guarantee that the quality of our products match the samples. If the quality of bulk orders does not match the sample quality standard, we will make reasonable compensation for each specific case. In order to protect the interest of customers and to create long-term trade cooperation relationship with customers on the base of equality and mutual-benefit, we propose that customers compare qualities of our products with that of other manufactures and then make their choice. We will make our quality criterion known to the public and ensure the interest of customers.
(2) Price guarantee
We guarantee that the prices we offer are best wholesale prices, which provides a base to maintain our long-term trade relationship.
(3) Payment guarantee
We guarantee that we will accept pays in advance of less than 50%, and customers pay the rest after they receive photos of finished products and feel satisfied with them.

Q:    How do we deal with damages?
A:    So far, our products have excellent reputation, and no damages have been claimed from customers. However, shall there be any cases, we will replace damaged goods for circumstances that the goods were damaged before shipping, that the damages are caused during shipping for poor or improper packaging, or any other reasons due to our side. We will help customers to properly handle the damage issue even if the damages are not due to our side.

Q:    What is our attitude when customers claim damage compensations?
A:    We will do our best to create long-term relationship with customers; so, we will provide the best service besides best products. Your satisfaction is what we exert ourselves in. For matters such as unmatched product quality, quality decrease, damages during shipping, we will exchange or repair the merchandises, or find proper solutions and investigate the causes to give customers satisfactory reports or explanations.


Q:    What are the ways of shipping?
A:    Sea transportation, airfreight, messenger / express mail, etc are available. We recommend customers use express mail / messenger. Express mail company will offer great discount if it is a bulk order. The more is the cargo the lower will be per unit freight. We recommend customers send the samples and order sheets by express mail because the costs are the same as airfreight but the delivery is faster. Normally express mails will not be opened and checked, and complicated procedures can be avoided. The main differences among methods of shipping are listed in Table 1.

Table 1. The main differences among methods of shipping.
China airfreight

   2---7 days
Sea transportation

 14---30 days

   2---5 days

Q:    What are the costs for shipping?
A:    We can calculate out the accurate volume and weight when we have the information of dimension and amount oil painting. Based on the volume and weight and the shipping destination, we can calculate out the accurate shipping costs. Shipping costs can be divided into two parts, the start and increments. Table 2 to 4 list the costs for China Airfreight, Sea Transportation, and Express Mail. There is an extra cost of fumigating wood-products for China Airfreight and Sea Transportation.

Table 2. Costs for China Airfreight.

First 0.5 kg
1 kg increment

Table 3. Costs for Sea Transportation

First  Cbm
1 Cbm increment
Large paintings
Frame and large stretches
20? cargo container

40? cargo container

Table 4. Costs for Express Mail

First 0.5kg
0.5kg increment
North America
West Europe, South Asia
South Korea, Hongkong, Macau
Southeast Asia, Japan
South Pacifu Burma
Chile, United Arab Emirates, South America
Argentina, Middle East

Q:    When is the due date of deliver?
A:    For small orders, delivers due within one week after payments arrive. For orders of less than 100 pieces of paintings, delivers due within 15 days after payments arrive. For bulk orders, delivers due within one month after payments arrive. Some other manufacturers can do with earlier due date than we can, for instance, sometimes they spend only 1/5 of the time we do. They must have used machine to remove moisture instead of natural dry. However, their paintings will crack, and the painting material will peel off after 2---3 months, or sometime later. Particularly in regions with drastic climate change, this defect remains invisible at the moment when customers purchase paintings, and becomes obvious after receiving or some time later. We have a large number of painters and artists to ensure timely supplies. We only use natural method to dry the paintings unless the customers themselves request us to do so because we cherish the long-term cooperation relationship with every customer.

Q:    Packaging
A:    For bulk orders, we use cardboard boxes for packaging; for medium quantity orders, we use paper tubes of thick wall; for small orders, we use professional oil painting cylinders. Each cylinder can hold 4---10 paintings. The cylinders are for free. For shipping of impressionism paintings (with textured), for instance the paintings of vogh, we use paper boxes for packaging. Customers also can request the method of packaging they like.

Q:    Will customs check every package and impose duties?
A:    In China, all cargo containers sent by Airfreight and Sea Transportation will be opened and imposed duties. However, packages sent by UPS, DHZ, and TNT are rarely opened and checked, and there are no duties imposed usually.

Q:    What should customers do if duties in their countries are as high as in East Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc?
A:    For small orders, for example, less than 100 kg, customers can choose express mail shipping option, and we can write reasonable prices on the parcel bill. This way, the procedures through custom can be skipped. If deliver destination country has special requirements, please inform us in time. For bulk orders, which have to go through the custom declaration, the customers need to go through every formality, and then inform us to get related import/export documents ready.

Q:    How to pay duties?
A:    The procedures of declare to custom are different from country to country. So, we can only answer this question for specific cases.

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